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How Jiu Jitsu Prevents Bullying

Recent school bullying statistics show that 1 out of 4 kids are bullied and 77% of students are bullied mentally, verbally, & physically.

Martial arts helps prevent bullying by building up children’s confidence so that they won’t need to resort to bullying for attention or approval. As for children who are being bullied, bullies pick victims that they think will be easy targets. The following three points will explain how martial arts, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in particular, can help children from becoming bullies as well as from being bullied.

1. Children Learn to Become PHYSICALLY strong!

- Bullying usually starts because the bully sees an “easy target”. Some of the kids who are bullied are typically not athletes or into sports.

Jiu-Jitsu gives these children the physical skills to not only defend themselves WITHOUT hurting themselves or others AND the coordination, balance and flexibility of an athlete.

Their posture changes, they keep their chin up and they have the confidence to defend themselves if anyone tries to hurt them.

2. Children Learn to Become CONFIDENT!

- Confidence is one of the most important skills that will help stop and/or prevent bullying. Confidence does not always come easy but must grow over time and be earned by the child. By engaging in Jiu Jitsu, your child will learn the tools to prevent getting physically hurt, thus reducing his/her fear. During your child's sessions at Revive, they will learn critical moves to handle a variety of real life attack situations. As your child increases their Jiu Jitsu knowledge and experience, they will begin to engage in live "sparring" or "rolling". This contact, under the watchful eyes of the instructors, will allow your child to learn what it feels like to "go live". Our kids are essentially taught how to fight in a safe, organized and healthy way!

3. Children learn TEAMWORK!

- By training Jiu Jitsu, children learn to work together with their coaches and partners to develop and retain new techniques, concepts, and skills. This healthy atmosphere promotes friendship, cooperation and teamwork!


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